Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pennies from heaven

Cute little penny made her debut in November. She made her mom so happy, since she is the first girl in a family of boys thus far. 
Her brothers Ollie and jack will be her protectors for sure. I'm sure how ever she will love to play cars too.
Ollie will teach her of the principles of wall art 
 Bobby and Challyn officially in the lead for most babies in the family.

We brought the boys to church. While we  were visiting and they pointed at all the art and said " Jesus". 
We are so happy to have this sweet angel in the family. 

Summer surprises

Sometimes you just go with it. Ended up babysitting 5 grandbabies. I cherish the time with these kids. This is such a precious age. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birthday dates

Learning, Memories and experiences are the only things that really will be able to take with us in this life. What could be better  gift than giving a birthday date with our sweet grandkids on their birthday. We are going to give tradition a whirl. 

Kenzie requested to ride wild animals at the mall. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

What they say...

My grandbabies are cute and adorable and they  say the funniest things here is a little snippet of some of those things

Kenzie- I really, really, really want.... Followed by a myriad  things that she could want at that moment. 

Jaxon- Got any guns? He has an obsession with toy guns and asks everyone about thier toy selection.,

Mae- I did it! With victory hands up in the air following anything that she does big or small. 

Carley." Meow! "She does not particularly care for social situations or talking but she loves animals in anyway shape or firm. She is especially obsessed with kitties. Loves pickles. 

Lenny. "Hey, hey" when he doesn't really like to talk he mostly grunts but he loves to mimic his grandpa Tim who taught in to say hey hey. 

Vivian-She was born with manners and a constant smile. Vivian talks a lot and seems says " sorry" after Everthing  She searches out purses, necklaces and shoes. She is our fashionista. 

Ollie-sings:  "Let it go" over and over in restaurants, at home wherever. He talks in full sentences all the time  and loves to FaceTime. 

Connor: He speaks goat . He  has a funny little laugh that sounds a lot like a goat. He does the goat laugh everywhere he goes. 

Nina: pop pop. She will get her mom's phone and dial it without her knowledge and talk to her pop-up Tim.