Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grandma Netty photo shoot

Grandma what the heck are you doing to me!

Baby in a basket shot

I must suck my fingers

Look at my tootsies everyone

A Smile.....definitely
 OK, I'm not really a photographer but I love naked baby shots I see the photographers taking recently so I thought Id take a stab at it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Adventure begins- Welcome Kenzie

Kenzie April

My first grand baby is here.  The family members gathered namely, Tim, Brady, Danielle, Adam, Stephanie's Mom and Dad and me of course . We all impatiently waited for  her arrival from early Saturday morning into early afternoon. I was outside the  delivery room door with Stephanie's Mom ( we were eavesdropping actually)  and heard the faint cry of our sweet grand baby. Tears filled my eyes and I knew that my life was changed forever.

Riley and Steph were so funny.  Riley insisted Tim and I wear a face mask because since I had been sporting a cold   a couple weeks prior. No doubt about it this girl will be taken care of. This sweet little girl is the center of thier new universe. They are going to be amazing  parents.