Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grandpa-dom expansion: Six grand children graduating in 2031

Grandma-dom Defined : kingdom of a  grandma.  My kingdom is expanding rapidly. I was feeling like I had a lot of grand babies. Three  in the last Two years . But I will be adding 6 grandchildren my kingdom. Stephanie is pregnant with a baby girl due in Sept. David's girlfriend Lindsay is pregnant due in the fall with TWINS. Challyn is pregnant due is Dec. Jillyn is expecting in March and Danielle is expecting in baby in May.

This should be interesting

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has sprung

Jaxon discovers Easter Eggs

Grandpa Tim and I took took a  trip to warmer places in March. Grandpa ran in a marathon in Las Vegas and then we drove down to see Jaxon in Phoenix. Jaxon had his first easter egg hunt compliments of Grandpa Netty. It was a couple weeks early. But Jaxon was all practiced up  the "real" Easter egg hunts in April.

"Look at me, I'm a long boarder"

We had lots of fun blowing bubbles, Eating Challyn's amazing meatloaf, playing in the park, and enjoying the pool in Arizona.

David, Lindsay, Maisey, 

The Utah kids all came over for the big traditional Easter Dinner on Easter Sunday. David came with his girl friend Lindsay and her 4 kids.The Smiths with Baby Mae came, Vicki and TJ. Mary and Addie, Riley,  Stephanie and Kenzie.

Grandma Netty gave everyon pillow pet and the kids had a special table

 We all tried to make Ukranian Easter eggs
Baby Mae loves the sunshine