Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Arizona we will go.... to see our little Jaxon boy.......and see if he is well.

 We drove to see Bobby ,Challyn and Jaxon for Mothers day. It was great we swam in the pool , went shopping in the Malls in phoenix and had fun seeing Jaxon he is becoming to much fun.For Mothers day I got a pedicure for Mothers day and some pretty roses from Challyn.

We had a great time at the train station where  Jaxon  tested out Ice cream

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kenzie first sleepover ( without Mom and Dad)

Kenzie had her first sleep over with Grandma Netty and Grandpa Tim in April 2011. We had lots of fun Grandpa Tim stayed home from work because his walking prosthetic leg was being fixed.  
We went for a walk around the lake and picked flowers and ate pastry at the Swirly Girls Bakery
Grandpa took kenzie on the swing

She din not like going solo on the swing very much. Maybe next time.