Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumkin picking with Jaxon

sea world with Jaxon and Kenzie

Jaxon stayed with Grandma Tim ,Grandpa Netty, Kenzie and  her parents  after his mom and dad got married. We stayed in a condo across from the beach

We when to Sea World and got splashed by Shamu

We played
They love us

We love all the Sesame street characters. We wanted to to take all of them home with us.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer of Fun

Grandpa Tim, Kenzie and Riley

The summer has been filled with good weather and fun times. Kenzie is walking. and getting into everything.
Although I have not been able to see Jackson since May Bobby still sents lots of pictures of him. I am looking forward to seeing him in a couple weeks. I am going to plan a trip out there to help them decorate the apartment and help them with the Invitations.

Jaxon up close

His hair is  back with vengeance

Jaxon and his cute Mommy

Ready to take over Dads office

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kenzie on the Move

Kenzie Started walking this week

She managed to Bonk her head while I was watching her yesterday. A bruise is forming in this picture . Opps

Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Arizona we will go.... to see our little Jaxon boy.......and see if he is well.

 We drove to see Bobby ,Challyn and Jaxon for Mothers day. It was great we swam in the pool , went shopping in the Malls in phoenix and had fun seeing Jaxon he is becoming to much fun.For Mothers day I got a pedicure for Mothers day and some pretty roses from Challyn.

We had a great time at the train station where  Jaxon  tested out Ice cream

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kenzie first sleepover ( without Mom and Dad)

Kenzie had her first sleep over with Grandma Netty and Grandpa Tim in April 2011. We had lots of fun Grandpa Tim stayed home from work because his walking prosthetic leg was being fixed.  
We went for a walk around the lake and picked flowers and ate pastry at the Swirly Girls Bakery
Grandpa took kenzie on the swing

She din not like going solo on the swing very much. Maybe next time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jaxon's visit to Netty's house in Utah

 Baby Jack made his first trek to Utah to Visit us. Mom and Dad were exhausted.  They arrived Sunday night,  just in time to  had a  a Family dinner to Celebrate Uncle Riley's Birthday.

 Uncle Brady came later that night after he got off work at Texas Road house to spend the night.He had fun cuddling with him Monday morning.

 On Monday I  picked up Kenzie to tend and we spent the day together. I  took Jaxon and Kenzie to have their pictures taken to Foto Fly.  It was so much fun and they did a great job.

Jaxon was just about to get his first tooth . He was a drooling machine . Notice the drool running down his cheek in this picture.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hanging out with Kenzie

 Though I enjoy babies, I am excited that Kenzie is fast approaching the age we can really have fun. I bought a little cupboard that reminds me of the one I had growing up. She is big enough now to stand and throw the pastic dishes on the floor. She likes it a lot. 

She loves to play with the lion walking toy that her Mom and Dad got her. She will be walking soon. Crawling on the other had is not going so well. She hates being on her stomach. The closest she comes by scooting on her bum. Every body better watch out once she figures it out, There will be no stopping her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kenzie's Mommy and Daddy's Wedding

Everyone was so happy  when Kenzie's Mom and Dad decided to get Married . Especially Kenzie  
The wedding  day was tough for Kenzie  because Mommmy could not holder as much with her big  fluffy  white Dresss.
But even with a sad face Kenzie is still adorable with  her mom and cousins with their fancy dresses

Daddy loves me and my big blue eyes.He makes everything better.

Now we can live Happily Ever After
After the wedding Grandma Netty Vicki and I had a sleep over at Kenzie's  house. While Daddy and Mommy went on thier Honeymoon. It was my first sleepover party!

Watching Jaxon grow up through Daddy's phone

Since we live in Utah and Jaxon lives in Arizona. Bobby sends us pictures pretty much daily of Jaxon. It makes the distance seem not so great. He is such a adorable baby. We can harldy wait for him to visit us in Utah. Come soon Jaxon!