Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Double babies turn One

It seems like just yesterday the twins were born. I remember visiting them in the newborn ICU. So very tiny. It's hard to imagine that those tiny babies are the same pudgy toddlers that are celebrating their birthday. 
Most of the cousin were able to come with made for a lot of babies . 
The babies ate most of their giant cake grandma Netty made for them. 


Papa Tim's zoo birthday

We went to the zoo for grandpa Tim's birthday

Nina's garden Blessing

Nina was blessed on a  nicely overcast Saturday at the end of August. The blessing took place in the beautiful backyard home that Adam sn Danielle rent in Ogden. It was a double blessing with her cousin who was born the same week. 

We picked flowers from the garden to make a halo for the baby and flower arrangements for the tables. 
It made for a lovely day.