Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kenzie's Mommy and Daddy's Wedding

Everyone was so happy  when Kenzie's Mom and Dad decided to get Married . Especially Kenzie  
The wedding  day was tough for Kenzie  because Mommmy could not holder as much with her big  fluffy  white Dresss.
But even with a sad face Kenzie is still adorable with  her mom and cousins with their fancy dresses

Daddy loves me and my big blue eyes.He makes everything better.

Now we can live Happily Ever After
After the wedding Grandma Netty Vicki and I had a sleep over at Kenzie's  house. While Daddy and Mommy went on thier Honeymoon. It was my first sleepover party!

Watching Jaxon grow up through Daddy's phone

Since we live in Utah and Jaxon lives in Arizona. Bobby sends us pictures pretty much daily of Jaxon. It makes the distance seem not so great. He is such a adorable baby. We can harldy wait for him to visit us in Utah. Come soon Jaxon!


Jaxon cheers on Grandpa Tim Tim

Every other Monday

Grandma Loo

Grandma and Kenzie really like In and Out Burger. Kenzie mostly eats paper and a bit of Grandma chocolate shake,

My Arizona big Guy- Jaxon Kole Stanger

Uncle Dustins Wedding