Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flying to see the boys

Flying to Phoenix on the new small carrier called Alliegent air was the perfect solution for Vicki Tj and I to avoid the 10+ hour drive . Getting there went without a hitch. Tim was away in Kansas running a marathon.

It was so nice seeing the boys , Challyn and Bobby of course. The boys are so adorable and Ollie is getting is getting his personality.

The first day on Saturday we did a little shopping and went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch, Long Wongs (cheap and has the most amazing wings) with Jaxon and Bobby.

That night bobby and Challyn went out on a date. Meanwhile we surprised them with a super clean up their apartment and baby-sat the boys.

On Sunday , Vicki and I attended the ward . That evening we made homemade sushi and got a movie.

The plan ride home was a bit sketchy. We ended up changing planes 3 times after finding mechanical problems on the 2 of the planes. While waiting at the airport we learned about the Boston marathon bombings. This was super upsetting because last year we were right where and when it happened.

Phoenix is far away . It was fun to visit but I wish they lived closer .