Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting Action Jaxon in AZ

The 3rd weekend in Sept we traveled to Phoenix. We are so excited to see our Jaxon. Since he is far away it is such a treat to be with him. He is well behaved but adventurous little boy. He is amazingly smart for his age. Although he insisted that the large orange pumpkin was a watermellon, grandpa taught him the difference and that the  pumpkin was orange. Soon he was calling it  the right name.

Jaxon with the mini pumpkins Grandma Netty grew and brought  from Utah
Jaxon wakes up with one goal in mind everyday.Searching for BALLS. All day long he is  looking for balls to play with. Tennis balls, Baseballs, basketballs. It does not matter, any kind of balls. Even if he doesn't have a ball to play with he will dribble  an imaginary basketball while being a commentator saying "bouncy...bouncy...bouncy"

We had a lot of fun while we were there but it seen whenever we show up Jaxon gets sick. At Christmas time he had a fever induced seizure at the airport and was taken to Primary Children Hospital in an ambulance. This time he got a fever of over 104 degrees. Since his parent do not want him to have a seizure again we ended up at the emergency room. Grandma Netty is starting to get a complex.

Grandpa, Bear and Jaxon snoozing
The sunday Ice cream truck
On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed watching sports and caught the ice cream truck. They have the best ice cream. Jaxon got the Spongebob Square Pants ice cream. DELICIOUS. It was a fun trip!!!

Jaxon eating ice cream

Babies babies babies!

This September we harvested more than just pumpkins. We welcomed 3 special spirits to our family. BABIES...BABIES...BABIES

Carley May Stanger born 9/4/2012

On Sept fourth Carley May arrived. The doctor planned to induce on the Sept 5th but Carley had other plans. Stephanie when into labor the day before while her dad Riley was away at a Dentist appointment.  Auntie Vicki ended up rushing Stephanie to Lakeview Hospital. Luckily Riley made it there before she arrived. She is Happy and  Healthy 7 lb 14 oz, 22 1/2 long. She has a very calm disposition.

Grandma and Carley

Happy Day... Carley is here!

Grandma and Grandpa Tim tended Kenzie while her Mom and Dad were in the hospital. We visited  them often. Kenzie missed them  and cried "Mommy, Daddy, Baby...." a lot. She did have some fun too while they were away. We went to Mc Donald play-land and even went with Grandma to  the Disney Movie  "Brave" one afternoon.  When Kenzie learned she would be seeing a new Disney princess she had to put on all of her clothes she could find with princesses on them.
Kenzie's outfit she picked out to go the Disney Movie...Princess Everything

On Sept 21st Two more cuties came into the family. The twins came with both surprise and excitement.  The day they were born Lyndsay's blood pressure went very high at her Dr Appointment and the babies were not gaining weight. The decision was made to admit her into St Marks Hospital for a C section. There was a big fan section back in the waiting room. Grandma Christine, Grandma Netty, Grandpa Tim, Aunt Vicki and Uncle TJ, Uncle Riley, Sister Maisey and cousin Kenzie waited for the Twins to arrive.(with a smorgasbord of food too)

Our Sweet Twins: Leonard Owen Clarke-Hurst 4lbs 11oz AND Vivian Estele Clarke-Hurst 4lbs 10 oz
 Though small they are doing great. Lots of hair and doing well in the newborn ICU. They are expected to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. Grandma Netty is on the search for preemie clothes for them.